Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweden part (1) I need some rest from….

For the last three weeks I've been to Sweden in a course & the following features parts of my life their. Starting from today I'll start sketching pieces of those 3 weeks mentioning my own opinions & reflecting on some of what I learnt there.

This is my first input in that aspect; not – to- list or things that I need to have some rest away from them:
1. Eating that huge amount of orange, green apples, red apples, pineapples & bananas to the extend that I feel like a monkey for the next month.
2. No more gas water, blue berry water, orange juice, apple juice or earl grey tea, only ordinary water & flavored Lipton tea.
3. I don't want to listen or say the following words: freedom of expression, human rights, fuck, shit, sexual orientation and asking is this meal halal for the coming two month.
4. I don't want to visit any museum, castles or any historical places for the next month, I had enough.
5. I don't want to see any blonde, nice, beautiful, lovely and helpful girls/ladies for the next month.
6. No more parties for the next month, I had enough.
7. No more concentrated morning coffee for the coming month.
8. No more chocolate of any type (Dark, medium or white) or of any kind toffifie, after eight, M&M's, Mars ,Twix, Lindh, Cadbury, Galaxy, ferrero roche or that one that I don't it's name that Diala brought in the airport.
9. No more Falfel or Kebab or grilled chicken for the coming 2 month.
10. No more breakfast @ 9 am, no launch between 1 – 2 pm and no dinner @ 6 pm. I will eat anytime I want.
11. I don't want anyone to ask me about what happened in Malmo coz what happened their will stay their.

The thing I'm reconsidering now is the reflection sessions…hehehehehe.

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