Tuesday, June 2, 2009

KISS-ing Approach

KISS-ing approach
That is why I love Marketing

Since I wrote "Ahmed is using the kissing approach" in my profile, many people are asking me about it.

Simply it is " Keep It Simple & Short "or "Kill It smoothly & Softly" So the interpretation depends on your mood.

And that is why do I love Marketing, you got the bases then you can reshape every rule, principle & all related aspects to the current situation.

See how marketing is a living thing, you can say that we are all practicing marketing in a way or another in our daily life. Even when we were kids we used to cry when we start a negotiation with parents, negotiation Is a basic element of marketing.

I see everything around me from a Marketing point of view, even the smallest details in life.

Another reason why I wrote this note is my dear friend Rania, couple of days ago we were talking in a life matter that is related to her, and then she suddenly turned to me saying: "Ahmed you are talented". I was shocked as we were talking in a far subject from my talent, but I cannot deny that I felt happy. Then she started telling my many things that I used to do in life & it appeared that I became a Marektingholic.Thanks a lot dear Rania.

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